Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Nanowrimo Day 1

It's the first day of National Novel Writing Month and I'm off to a running start.

My word count today is 2949, as verified in my profile.

I figure that if I stick to 1,700 words per day for 30 days, it won't leave much margin for error. A more appropriate target would be 2,000 words per day for a total of 25 days of writing.

Since today was a holiday, I thought I would get a lot more writing done. I harken back to a few months ago when I typed up 7,000 words for an entry to the Palancas, submitted on the day of the deadline. That, of course, did not win. But it did set my personal benchmark for most number of words written in a day.

But that is also a foolish target, because I would burn up far too quickly. So I'll stick to 2,000 words a day for now, which already leaves me ahead by close to a 1,000.

I did half of my writing in the cemetery, sitting beside my late Grandma and Grandpa, in between entertaining visitors and visiting graves. Today, you see, is All-Saints' Days, when Filipinos traditionally pay their respects to the dear departed. Well, we are a hopeful, optimistic nation after.

I spent most of the morning drafting my outline, using a couple of textbooks as basis. I'm writing an historical novel, believe it or not, set in the timeframe of 1521-1545. Students of Philippine history would already know the gist, of course. ("Ah, so that's what the last two entries were about!")

Oh, and the title is "Oripun." Drop me an email if you want to read the outline and the work I've done so far.

No congratulations yet, please. I have 29 more days to go.

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  1. Ok, I'll bite: "So that's what the last two entries were about!" :)

    Can't wait for the finished product, keep it up Doms. :D