Tuesday, October 11, 2005

WiFi at Bo's Coffee Club in Galleria

WiFi access from Bo's Coffee Club in the basement of Robinson's Galleria. Pretty fast links. I love it. I downloaded tons of updates for my Ubuntu instalation. I think I've just about overstayed my welcome, and my battery is running out. But I'll be back here more often.


  1. Sorry for the non-sequitur, but a couple of entries ago, I commented that Inkscape was a painter clone. I had it confused with ArtRage. I believe you said you wished there was a Painter clone. This doesn't have the functionality of Painter, but as far as simulating real life media is concerned, the experience is more convincing. It was made by former Painter developers. Based on how it behaves, I'm guessing it actually considers what the material is made of--chalk, oil, etc. Painter just has a wet layer and a dry layer, as far as I remember.


  2. Yeah, but ArtRage is Windoze and Mac only. No Linux. :-(

  3. i don't know much technical stuff about computers (though i sure want to learn about whatever there is beyond microsoft and windows), just want to share that the whole building of shangri-la plaza at edsa-shaw crossing is WiFi ready.

    fantastic news? well, for someone unfamiliar yet to wife like me. hehehe