Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I've tended to avoid modern Christian literature because most of them treat the subject matter with a heavy hand and have an unhealthy obsession with The Last Days. It was with this frame of mind that I saw a copy of Powermark in the newsstands some years ago. After flipping through it, I decided it wasn't worth my time.

Last week, I found a black-and-white manga-style compilation of Powermark Series 1 selling in Book Sale for P100. What the hey, I thought, the price was sufficiently low, so I picked it up.

Reading through it changed my opinions. There is some worthwhile modern Christian literature out there after all.

Powermark, for those who don't know it, is a comic book about a superhero who leads a group of kids in recreating scenes from the Bible. Yes, it's a corny premise, and the costumes on both sides are fashion disasters, but underneath there's still a compelling storyline worthy of Marvel Comics. The art isn't bad, really.

What really got me was the recreations of the stories from the Bible. Our Lord Jesus Christ, for once, does not get the effeminate treatment that He usually gets in children's literature. This Jesus Christ is true Man, whose pathos is captured beautifully. The other biblical heroes also get a fair shake. They really do look like warriors.

The stories of the team isn't bad, either. Not all are goody-goody characters, which leaves room for an angle on redepmtion. And they situate that story within St. Peter's betrayal of Our Lord and his subsequent repentance. Wonderful, really. The writer knows what he's doing.

At a P100 a copy, you can't go wrong. Pick it up, if you can.

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