Wednesday, October 19, 2005

More Katharine Graham

Although I had a slow start with Katharine Graham's Personal History, I'm now heavily engrossed in the book. It really is a fascinating read.

At first I was turned off with what looked to be a memoir of the de facto American aristocracy. Mrs. Graham was the publisher of The Washington Post, after all, and daughter of one of the most influential men in early 20th Century America. Her husband, Phil Graham, was a confidant of the Kennedys. But somewhere along the way, she just draws you in with story after story.

It's a very candid view of her life. To be sure, it was a privileged life to begin with, but it's not one without any problems. And it's these events, missteps, and resolutions that really make it an interesting memoir.

What really caught me was the chronicle of the development of her relationship with her husband, starting from courtship through early years of marriage and to his depression and self-destruction. It's one mirror through which I can view relationships, both my own and other people's.

And to think that I picked it up for only P50!

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