Monday, October 24, 2005

I shop, therefore I am

Stuck in Metro Manila for two weeks, with nothing much to do, I suppose I can be excused somewhat if my shopping instincts kicked into high gear during that duration. As an additional defense, I will point out to the temptation wrought by the mall operators with their simultaneous three-day sales and the impending implementation of the EVAT. Better buy now while I can still afford them, I reasoned.

Still, I may have bought more than what I would normally apportion for myself on trips like this. I shall have to impose a two-month period of self-imposed poverty in atonement for the recent excesses.

And these excesses include:

1) Books, books, books. I couldn't resist the P50 books being sold at National Bookstore: Katharine Graham's Personal History, Tim Berners-Lee's Weaving the World Wide Web, a novel, and some management books. And I just had to pick up a copy of "In Search of the Pre-Hispanic Filipino" by William Scott. And my most expensive impulse buy, 99 Ways to Tell a Story by Matt Madden.

2) Magazines: Latest issue of Fudge, Scientific American special issue on the Mind, Computerworld on Campus, Story Philippines (later sold to Ian Casocot, unopened).

3) Comics: A Powermark compilation, and assorted back issues from Filbar's and Comic Quest. Lots of assorted back issues.

4) He-Man action figures, because they're so darned cheap: Skeletor, Fisto, and Roboto, the last one planned as a Christmas present to my nephew Neo (um, because I already have one).

5) The remainder of the P50 Mage Knight inventory from Neutral Grounds. Thirteen boxes in all.

6) Crimson Skies starter pack, because it was selling at half price at Kidz Station.

7) Magic: the Gathering Starter Set, 9ed Core Game because I want to know what the fuss is about. Oh, I do know what the fuss is about. I want to get in on the fuss.

8) Pirates of the Crimson Coast constructible card games, because I am a sucker for pirate games.

9) 2-port KVM switch for my two computers at home.

10) Team America: World Police on VCD. Filthy movie, but funny as heck. I'll never look at another Jerry Bruckheimer movie in the same way again.

So there, my purchases for the past two weeks. Have I become a shopping zombie? Yes. I plead guilty by reason of insanity.

Now, all I need is someone to play the games with here in Dumaguete....

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