Thursday, October 20, 2005

Entries for Innovation Awards 2005-2006

Rational Technology for October 23, 2005

Having been involved in the screening committee of the Innovation Awards in its two previous runs, it was with some anticipation that I awaited the list of final entrants for this year's competition. I'm not a judge this year as I prefer to work on other aspects of the contest, but I already have a feel of what I think are good candidates for businesses.

This year's registration netted 28 entries. Thus far, the number of participating groups has held steady at around thirty. I think that's a good sign of the vitality of the contest. I do hope to see more in the subsequent years.

The entries are divided along academic lines, quite an understandable phenomenon as Dumaguete is a university town. Foundation University and Silliman University tie each other with six groups each, followed by ACSAT with four groups, St. Paul University with three groups, and two groups each for COSCA and NORSU. Happily, there are two groups with mixed memberships, extending as far as Cebu. Again, the latter trend of inter-university cooperation is one that I hope to see in the future.

Reflective of the nature of Negros Oriental, roughly a third of the entries clearly pertained to agriculture and farming, majority of them coming from Foundation University. Similarly, with recent concerns about dengue, quite a few also touched on pest control.

Another third of the entries concerns itself with electronic technology solutions, with most coming from Silliman University and followed by ACSAT. This is another promising trend, but for the moment, most of them are concerned with automation. I do hope to see more software-oriented solutions in the coming years because this is the direction that the world of outsourcing is taking.

Finally, the age demographic: almost all the participants of this year's Innovation Awards are in their early- to mid-20's. However, it's good to see some more experienced members in the groups as this provides a great degree of maturity and insight into the competition.

Gentlemen (and ladies), start your engines! Good luck!

1 4-in-1 Coconut Husk
2 Ambulant Copra Dryer
3 Anti Dengue Soap
4 Automated Egg Incubator
5 Automated Flush Bowl
6 Automated Rice Seedbed
7 Biodegradable Insect Repeller
8 Biodegradable Plastic Manufacturing Using Gmelina
9 Charcoal Brickets
10 Coco Tiles
11 Coin Slot Toll Gate
12 Customized Prepaid Card Accessing
13 E-Saver
14 Ginger Lemon and Candy Beverage
15 Island Coco
16 MA Organic Negros
17 Mosquito Killer
18 Mosquito Trap
19 Nature Craft Giveaway
20 Odor Free Hog Raising
21 Oyster Flouride Paste
22 Pre-Motherhood Training Institute
23 Sound Energy to Electricity
24 Stagnant Water Purification
25 Touch Alarm Electric Shock
26 Watchdog 24
27 Web Mall

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