Thursday, September 08, 2005

Wind Elemental

I mentioned to Sean that I wanted to illustrate some of his Antaria stories. With recent time constraints coming into play, I've had to put off this pleasant task for a bit. Soon, I hope, soon!

In the meantime, I was trying to decide which story I would've liked to draw. Rewards, I thought, would fit the bill for its its mix of action, dialogue, and humor, as well as its relatively short length.

Then a problem had me stumped. One of the main characters in the story was a Wind Elemental. So how do you draw THAT? I mean, an Earth Elemental would probably be a mass of mud or rock. A Water Elemental would be, well, water. And a Fire Elemental would be, well, fire. But a Wind Elemental? If I had a hero fighting a Wind Elemental, how do I make sure he doesn't look like he's just throwing rocks into the wind? A tornado, maybe? I didn't want to resort to the cliched rings of the typical cartoon tornado.

So after some thought, you see the result above. I chose to draw the effects of the Wind Elemental instead. Drawing it convincingly, especially given my level of drawing skill (which is to say, low), was a challenge. But I'm fairly happy with the result. Maybe when I get better.

I'm not sure if the floating mask is what Sean had in mind, but I sort of liked the effect. An impassive mask, empty blackness where the eyes and mouth should be, is sufficiently terrifying, I think.

So, Sean, submitted for your approval (or otherwise).