Thursday, September 08, 2005

Wind Elemental

I mentioned to Sean that I wanted to illustrate some of his Antaria stories. With recent time constraints coming into play, I've had to put off this pleasant task for a bit. Soon, I hope, soon!

In the meantime, I was trying to decide which story I would've liked to draw. Rewards, I thought, would fit the bill for its its mix of action, dialogue, and humor, as well as its relatively short length.

Then a problem had me stumped. One of the main characters in the story was a Wind Elemental. So how do you draw THAT? I mean, an Earth Elemental would probably be a mass of mud or rock. A Water Elemental would be, well, water. And a Fire Elemental would be, well, fire. But a Wind Elemental? If I had a hero fighting a Wind Elemental, how do I make sure he doesn't look like he's just throwing rocks into the wind? A tornado, maybe? I didn't want to resort to the cliched rings of the typical cartoon tornado.

So after some thought, you see the result above. I chose to draw the effects of the Wind Elemental instead. Drawing it convincingly, especially given my level of drawing skill (which is to say, low), was a challenge. But I'm fairly happy with the result. Maybe when I get better.

I'm not sure if the floating mask is what Sean had in mind, but I sort of liked the effect. An impassive mask, empty blackness where the eyes and mouth should be, is sufficiently terrifying, I think.

So, Sean, submitted for your approval (or otherwise).


  1. nice wind monster; the mask kind'a reminds me of the drawings for Spirited Away (you should see it if you haven't).

    the humping grasshoppers are weird, though. have a telephoto lens? or you really went in to have a very close look?

    Ola! =)

  2. Ola, Tala. Thanks for the comment. And for reminding me about where my subconscious must have picked up the mask! Totally slipped my mind.

    The grasshoppers were shot with a 1.3-Megapixel camera in macro mode, white balance set to cloudy. Yes, I went up close. The lovers were too engrossed to notice me.

  3. I really love this one. I conceptualized Air Elementals as being a subtle force - something that could hit you pretty hard and be difficult to hit right back. By its nature, the only way to recognize an Air Elemental would be by the loose objects that it swirls around.

    The mask gives the idea something that it has lacked until now, though - a means of expression. With your permission, I'd like to work that aspect into the setting in one way or another. :)

  4. Are you kidding? This is perfect! And your skill is not low. There will always be room for improvement but that's art. Did you post this on Elfwood?

  5. Aww, gee, thanks, guys. Hee hee, I guess I had a bout of self-pity after a long week. Bad, bad Dominique.

    Jute: I've sort of given up on Elfwood because things take too long. But you're right, I'll give it a shot.

    Sean: cool, and thanks! I think another contributing factor was the Masquers faction of Antaria. Must have worked its way into my subsconscious, too.

  6. A little late in commenting, but it's really cool. I agree with you when you said an impassive mask is scary in itself. I'm looking forward to seeing your rendition of Sean's story. ^_^