Monday, September 26, 2005

Road connections

This morning I decided to try the Camanjac road for a change from my usual Batinguel route. The last time I tried it, I stopped at the water treatment plant; this time around, I wanted to see the whole length through (or at least go farther than I did before).

Surprise, surprise, I end up in Candau-ay, right at the road leading up to the Sisters of Mt. Carmel. From then on, it would be easy going up to Palinpinon or even Valencia. I headed back through Batinguel anyway as I had a web site to finish.

Camanjac, it turns out, is a far better option for my Valencia and Palinpinon expeditions. The uphill climb is gentler, and there's less traffic. Of course, my return route to the city will always be through Batinguel.

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