Friday, September 02, 2005

Reverend Yakky

I'm feeling a bit of a mean streak today. It didn't help matters any that Mom foolishly decided to bring up the topic of religion when talking with a pastor. Aiyee! It was like winding someone up.

So I was sitting there behind the cash register, trying to ignore the one-sided conversation. I just couldn't help sketching what I felt at the moment.

See? I told you I had a bit of a mean streak.


  1. ahahaha after writing an incoherent post on my blog, i found this sketch and laughed out loud.thanks.much-needed in this side of town.

  2. Thanks, G. Good luck on the you-know-what. I'll light a candle today at Mary Immaculate.

  3. reminds me of some relatives I have... they just keep going and going and going... :-D