Saturday, September 24, 2005

Palinpinon again

Close to a week after I got back to Dumaguete, I finally managed to take my bike out for an extended morning spin. By now I'm quite taken with the pleasures of the Batinguel route, and so that's exactly where I started again. Today, I paid another visit to Palinpinon.

Palinpinon is about 8 km. from the city, high up in the hills and surrounded by cliffs and greenery. Owing to its height, the air is a bit cool; because of the surrounding mountains and the forest cover, it's pleasantly shady.

I made an interesting discovery today: a small lily pond high up. I just had to take a snapshot.


  1. hello.

    the lily pond! i think you were blocking the view, haha.

    thanks for posting pictures. i would really love to travel, but my ass is stuck to my chair (and chained to manila) for a while. so many things to do. at least i can travel some through your blog. how can you manage to be so free?


    Ola! =)

  2. Hi, T., thanks for dropping by. I'll bring a good camera next time I go up.

    How can I manage to be so free? I guess I'm lucky in many respects. But I think you do have to apportion time for these things. There's a whole world out of the office ;-)

    I promise more pics (and I promise not to block the view....)