Sunday, September 25, 2005

The one about the pistols

So anyway, I was much enthused with the toy sword that I bought so I could play with my four-year-old nephew. But something was missing. It didn't take much thought to point it out: I needed a pistol to complete my space pirate persona. I headed up to the toy section and bought a pair of water pistols which came as a set.

Later that evening, my nephew Neo comes in and I proudly brandish my pistol. His eyes lit up. His Grandpa, my uncle, was coaxing him to ask me for the gun. And here goes the conversation:

Grandpa: Neo, tell him: "Are you going to give it to me?"
Neo (wide-eyed): Are
Me (evil grin): Hmmm? Are you asking for it?
Neo (doubtful): Mmmmm....
Me: Well, are you? Are you asking for it?
Neo (hesitant): Ye-eesh...
Me: Ah! You asked for it!

And I promptly squirt him with the loaded pistol.

I am so bad. But it feels good to be bad. Mwa ha ha ha!

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