Saturday, September 03, 2005

Kitchie Nadal in Concert

Just came from a Kitchie Nadal concert. Front row seats, woooo! Ears still hurting.

I have more high-res pictures, in case anyone's interested. Knowing the readership of this blog, though, I find that highly unlikely.


  1. I like Kitchie Nadal's music =) Not a huge fan but I like her.

    I do hope you're feeling so much better now. Take care!

  2. Hi, Clair. Feeling okay. It was great to be part of the crowd, which was generally well-behaved. Should have written more about it. Maybe I will.

  3. who's kitchie nadal? i'm far removed from the world of music, the songs i'm listening to on my ipod are songs i've gathered when i was in college in the late 90s. sad, but true. :-)

  4. Ha, ha, T. I think that's a sign of old age, not knowing who the current hot artists are. But you're excused, seeing as you're in NY. Thanks for visiting!