Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Happy Birthday, Blog!

One year ago today, I wrote:

So, here I am again. Blogging has taken off and every other person that I know, from the veteran to the tyro to the hot chick has got a blog.

I haven't really shown the drive to maintain blogs, with the possible exception of my weekly column on Rational Technology, published in Dumaguete and on my own web site. Well, there's also the moblog at TextAmerica but that's a slightly different story.

This time around, though, I think things will be slightly different. Tools are better developed, and my occupations and preoccupations are a bit better defined.

So here goes again.

I was initially afraid I'd start this blog, lose interest, and leave it to gather virtual cobwebs as I did with previous attempts. Thankfully, that hasn't happened. As it turns out, I've had a good year's run with villageidiotsavant.blogspot.com. I hope to be writing for a great many years to come.

It's been a year so a little retrospective is in order. Why did this blog live when my earlier attempts failed? A couple of reasons, I think.

First is the significant improvements on Blogger since I first tried it more than three years ago. It's much more user-friendly and the ads are gone. Kudos to Google for doing a fantastic job with the acquisition.

Second, and more important, is the community around this blog. Granted, this blog isn't as popular as others, but it's nice to know that I'm being read. It's nice to know that some readers care enough to leave comments, too.

Which came first? The community or the blog? The community, of course. What a conceit it would be to think that I was such a fine writer and that my words were sufficient to attract an audience. But the fact is, I'm not.

This blog came about, I think, as a way to let My Girlfriend(tm) know what was going on while she was away in Japan. It just so happened that several of our friends -- whom I made friends through her -- were also blogging. That was the primary community. It was a bonus that My Girlfriend(tm) is way more popular than I am, and since she wrote the occasional link to my blog....

Along the way, though, I've made some new friends via this blog. And for that, I'm very thankful, too.

As the title suggests, I originally wanted this blog to feature my sketches. However, I really don't sketch as much as I thought I did, so I've had to content myself with more essays and random musings. Looking back at some of the sketches that I did post, I do see improvements over the period of a year. So I am much encouraged.

Finally, this blog has seen me through some important milestones: Leaving IBM, moving back home, Dad in critical condition, getting settled in Dumaguete, wandering around the Cordilleras, and discovering a new hobby.

All within a span of a year. Like, wow.

So there you go. I'm pretty happy with the blog. It's been a wonderful outlet for all those pent-up emotions. It hasn't taken the form I originally wanted it to, but it's been a great vehicle for travelling to parts unknown.

Happy birthday, Blog!


  1. happy birthdayto your blog!!! ^__^
    *throws confetti!*

  2. I agree, Dominique. It's been a marvelous year, especially for your blog. :)

  3. Thanks, guys! And wow, a message from Sassy Lawyer. I'm really touched! Thanks, all!