Thursday, September 29, 2005

Goodbye, Monster Allergy

Very sorry to see Monster Allergy end its run. The magazine quietly grew on me as the storyline progressed, and I actually have all 14 issues. In my view, MA had a much stronger story and richer characters than WITCH, which I also collect. Sad, really, because MA had more promise, I think.

I hope this is only a brief hiatus for the magazine. I know that they're only just picking it up in the US and Canada. Maybe when it becomes a hit there, kids down here will realize what it is they were missing.

So till then, I'll say goodbye to Zick, Elena, Timothy, Bombo, and company.


  1. This has been made into a cartoon as announced by Cartoon Network and Kids WB!

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Bari. Maybe the magazine folks will realize they made a mistake and reconsider....

  3. Kuya, I love this mag too. I hope it will be return.. Can you register here?

    Hope it will be return soon, sigh,

  4. Yeah,I've got the magazines up to 24 here in Malaysia,but that issue was updated after a 3 month wait,and 2 months after now,I'm still waiting for the 25th one.Really confusing,whetere they stopped it or not.I'm definitely a fan of that mag,and hoping it'll come back...if it's even gone or merely delayed.

  5. You're Sue of Deviantart right?
    I really hope Monster Allergy will return here in the Philippines.