Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Small Victories

What with my parents in Dumaguete this week, the days are packed with small reunions, business discussions, and planning. It's been a long day so I'll skip on the details and just recount the small victories today.

1) I finally made it to the Valencia municipal proper via Candau-ay! I started out at 6:00am today, and headed straight up. I hit the town at around 7:10am, which I think isn't too bad for a fellow in my condition. By the time I reached the peak, I could literally wring water from the chin strap of my helmet. And I came down just in time for a quick breakfast before opening the store.

2) My iPod is now working with Ubuntu. The iPod's been sitting on my desk, unopened, for the past two weeks or so. I think Dad was starting to feel bad I hadn't used it yet. So I installed gtkpod on my Thinkpad, fiddled around a bit, and finally managed to load Blondie on it. Hooray.

3) After several years of trying, I finally got my Mom to surf the Net! No amount of cajoling could get her to touch a browser, not even the promise of instantaneous communication via email. But now that the political debates are raging, I took advantage of my Mom's interest in the current events to introduce her to blogs, namely Manolo Quezon, Jove Francisco, and the ABS-CBN news site. So now she's getting along swimmingly, finally learning to manuever with a mouse. Yay!

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  1. dom,

    i have already moved to a new domain: www.jovefrancisco.com

    please tell your mom, too!