Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Rough Trails to Valencia...Whee!

That I should find a new trail to bike on is both a joy and a sorrow. A joy, because there's the thrill of discovering something new. A sorrow, because, alas, the roads of Dumaguete are not infinite. There's one less to discover. Nevertheless, I'm not one to pass up the opportunity.

Such was the case this morning when I went up to Valencia with Dean Sinco and Alex Pal. We entered through Batinguel but took a detour not too long after. From then on, it was rough trail for most of the way. Just what mountain bikes were made for, really. We passed through cornfields, grazing land, and coconut groves, all the while going up and up. The paths were not as steep as the main highway but there were several lengths were they were narrow. Quite a thrill.

We reached Valencia at around 7am, an hour after we began. Alex and Dean had coffee at their usual hangout. I had tsokolate. No suman but the puto was close enough.

Then down we came. We didn't take the highway as I expected, instead going through more rough trails going downhill. I took a spill in one of the wooded areas but I managed to jump off with just a soiled shin. I'm okay.

No, I'm more than okay. I'm ecstatic!


  1. Waaah! I want tsokolate too!

    By the way,

  2. Cool. I now have an art theme for next week.