Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Random Encounters on a Tuesday Morning

Still acclimated to yesterday's early start, I woke up at 4:45am, lounged around, and finally decided to put my lazy butt on my bike and pedal around Dumaguete. Since I'm trying to space the strenuous activities, I opted for an easy ride around the city proper. I was done by 6:45 at which time I got breakfast.

A full hour before I open the store. I could go back home and start packing for my trip to Manila later this afternoon, but that would just put me in a rush. Instead, I head over to a nearby cafe and surf.

Here are things I found this morning:

1) The really cool activities around Silliman aren't posted on the big streamers. They're in the bulletin boards in campus. Oh, to be sure, there are useful announcements on the steel fences like the LaTeX seminar that I didn't get to attend last Saturday. Today, as I was biking around campus, I found a two-night seminar organized by the Physics Department. The seminar is in answer to rumors that The World Will Come To An End this August 27 when Mars comes very close to earth and will appear as large as the moon. The seminar involves lectures and skywatching, among other things. Too bad I can't be here.

For the truly curious, look here.

2) There's a Math exhibit in the Silliman Student Services building. It runs until August 29 so I'm in no danger of missing it. I might pass by later as time permits.

3) Hey, Manolo Quezon linked to my blog! This is in reference to the light-a-candle for truth post I made last week. I did have my suman that day, but, er, I forgot to light the candle. I'll make up for it as soon as I'm done here. But in other news, there was a truly hilarious incident at the EDSA Shrine as police planned to use a water cannon against seven members of the candle brigade.

Oh, and ANC anchor Ricky Carandang has a blog.

4) Finally, my Nethack art got featured in a Russian blog. I found it as I was trolling my Site Meter logs. I couldn't understand what Jan Iwan had written until I passed it through an online translation service. So to save you all the trouble:

Remarkable figures at the author turn out. Here for example absolutely charming NetHack Girls.

Spaceeba, Jan Iwan!

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