Friday, August 05, 2005

Capital Youth Chamber Orchestra

I caught the matinee performance of the Capital Youth Chamber Orchestra today at the Luce Auditorium in Silliman. The performers were quite young, mostly middle school students. But some of them had been playing for six to seven years.

They played selections from various eras: Baroque, Romantic, Modern, and International. A bit of jazz and some folk music. Quite a pleasure, really.

The group was composed of two-and-a-half first violins, two-and-a-half second violins, two violas, a cello, and a bass.

Two hours worth of soothing chamber music. All for the low price of P50.

Who says there's nothing going on in Dumaguete?


  1. How would two and a half violinists look like? Either there's half a violin on stage, or one person played both first and second violin? =)

    I missed this part of Silliman's Founder's celebration. I hope to be in the latter part though. =)

  2. Now, that's music. Sounds cool, Dom! And for 50 pesos--a fairly reasonable deal. Lucky, you! They've got one of the best writing workshops in Silliman University. It's actually the place to be, Dumaguete. A classmate of mine went there and she said that if we don't hurry, we'll never get to catch Edith Tiempo in the panel. There's a rumor that she'll be taking a rest from the workshops. I honestly hope it isn't true, though. Hopefully, I'll come up with new works worth submitting.

    Best to you and Sacha!