Monday, August 29, 2005


Whee! Another previously undiscovered trail, with more tributary side roads.

This morning I started out on the road to Batinguel but took a detour where Dean, Alex, and I did our climb to Valencia two weeks ago. However, instead of following Dean's path, I just went straight on. Eventually, I found myself in Cadawinanon, after passing through yet another town.

Cadawinanon is less populated than the Candau-ay road that I've been riding. The grade is low, too, so it's quite an easy ascent.

I ended my trip at the entrance of the convent for the Sisters of Mt. Carmel.

However, I had to turn back because the clock was ticking and I had to open the store.

There's more road ahead, but that'll keep for next time.

Total estimated distance: 15 km.

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