Thursday, August 04, 2005

Black Knight

Neo got a new toy from a cereal box and challenged me to draw it for him. So here it is. This also served as practice with the brush pen that Jonas recommended. More practice needed, but I am getting the hang of it!


  1. It looks way better when you scan at grayscale and tweak the levels (Ctrl-L in Photoshop) rather than scan in the so-called "line art" mode. :) The latter mode, as you can see, results in a skillion jagged edges.

  2. Hi, Miguel. Thanks for the comments. Line-art was the quickest way to do it. The jaggies are okay. If the image is antialiased, much harder to color it later on. Then again, hmmm, I don't know if I'll have time to color it.

  3. Harder to color? :)
    1. Scan at grayscale and adjust levels, which I believe can also be done in GIMP.

    2. Invert the grayscale art.

    3. Create a new channel and paste the art into it.

    4. Load the selection based on the channel.

    5. Switch to the RGB channel, and make a transparent layer. Fill the selection with black.

    6. Voila! Make new layers beneath and watch the magic as you color.

    I'll try to see if I can do this in GIMP when I get home, and upload screenshots somewhere. :D

  4. Please let me know how the results come out. Hmmm...slow day at work? :-D

  5. Thanks for that. Pretty neat!

  6. What brush is that? I can't imagine doing my sketches using a brush.

  7. Hi, Jute. It's a brush pen: the tip is a brush but the grip has an ink chamber that feeds it. If the brush runs out of ink, just squeeze the handle to refill it. And there are refills, too.

    Brush is actually a great way of inking work, although it takes some mastery. You can vary the line weights as you draw, and because of that, the whole work looks a bit more organic.

    Something worth trying out. I got the brush pen from National Bookstore in Greenbelt. None in Cebu, unfortunately. P175.