Friday, August 19, 2005

And even more Nethack characters

Nethack is becoming a real inspiration for my attempts at art. Funny, coming from a game that's text based and represents people with a @.

My attempt at a priestess. Oooh, check those abs.

A monk.

And the monk, yet again. He's about to lay the smackdown on a goblin.


  1. The priestess is so cool! =)

    Can you do one with a kitten? ^_^

  2. Yes, the priestess's design is excellent. I'm wondering what those things on her legs are, though. If anything, I would say that she's "snake-deity"-based because of the headdress and the metal ornaments on her upper arms.

  3. Thanks, Sean. I was aiming for vines, but you're right, I should stick to the snake motif. Hmmm, a priestess of Set?

  4. Hiya,
    I just pretty much randomly stumbled upon your page. Great NetHack sketches! Are you aware about a program called Potrace? The homepage is at It converts raster graphics into vector graphics and, in my opinion, does it very smoothly and easily. You could try converting your sketches into vector graphics. Anyway, I added a link to your gallery into my page. :)

  5. Thanks, ZeroOne. Your site is great, too. I remember referencing that one time.

    I use potrace indirectly through Inkscape. But I think it might be worth a closer look. Thanks for the link!