Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Thinkpad R50e Model 1834TA6

Just a couple of months after I got my IBM Thinkpad R50e Model 1834-MA4, Lenovo releases the follow-up 1834-TA6. The ad came out in the papers, and I found out because Arthur Chua sauntered over to the store to ask my opinion about it.

Specs-wise, it looks to be exactly the same as the MA4: Celeron M processor, 256MB RAM, 40 GB hard disk, and Intel Wireless B/G. One difference, though, is that the processor runs at 1.3MHz instead of my 1,5MHz. There wasn't enough in the ad to go deeper, though.

Price-wise, the TA6 is cheaper at P39,450 vs the MA4's P42,500.

If it's anything like the MA4, I'd rate it as a good buy. Better hurry, though, because the distributors ran out of the MA4 in just ten days.