Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Suman Attack!

Emboldened by Ka Eddie's masterful speech of martial conquest, the Suman Horde built themselves up to a frothing frenzy. Taking up their arms, they rushed forward as one...

...not knowing that fateful forky finish that awaited them at the end. And that, my friends, was the brief sad life of the Suman Horde.

No, it's not feeble...
Yes, I think it fits...
Sneaky, sneaky, dude!
Hey! Don't break your streak, dude!


  1. *laughs!*

    Wow, man, this is a good one! ;)

    By the way, I remember posting a comment on your radio man post...

    Strange, I don't see it anymore. I was just going to say that it's quite unique: the radio around his neck.

  2. Thanks, Clair. I was going to make a longer comic out of this, but I got lazy. Maybe next week?

    With regard to the missing posts, I think I hit a glitch in blogger. They sometimes appear in RSS but not in the main blog page anymore. Go figger....

    More deranged denizens of Dumaguete coming up...yours truly, included.

  3. Maybe next week then;) I will await your entry :P

    Yeah, I think I read most of your entries in RSS (Bloglines is lovely!) I wonder what the Blogger people are doing about that glitch...

    It's great that you're featuring interesting people and places in Dumaguete. I mean, they might not be that famous in the oft-thought of sense of the word but having these posts makes Dumaguete really colorful and alive ^_^

    By the way, you have Jostein Garder fans awaiting for you in Manila ;) Hehehehehe.

  4. Seriously wicked linework, dude! :)

  5. Clair: as you saw last Saturday, I delivered on my suman promise.

    Jonas: thanks, man! coming from you, that's a real compliment.