Sunday, July 03, 2005

Science Magazine's Top 125 Questions

Science Magazine, for its 125th anniversary, presented a feature on the Top 125 Questions of Science. I've taken a cursory look at the top 25 on their list, and it looks to be very interesting reading, leading to several tangents and avenues of inquiry.

Half of the top twenty-five questions pertain to life sciences, and much of it covering medical interests. This is the trend of this century, it seems: how to extend and enrich human life. Still prominent, though fewer in number, are questions about the physical nature of the universe.

I guess it will take a while before humanity as a race will start looking outwards to the stars...where we belong.

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  1. "How Far Can We Push Chemical Self-Assembly?" one of the questions posted on the can they even think of such questions??im still stuck at: why is the sky blue?hehe