Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Radio Man of Rizal Boulevard

For some reason or other, Rizal Boulevard attracts some eccentrics in the early hours of dawn. Over the years, they've actually become staples of the morning scene in the boulevard. Quite harmless, really, and they all add to the local color.

Radio Man, as I like to call him, is one of those regulars. His wrinkled face is set to a serious mask and his mouth is perpetually pursed downwards. Eccentric he may be, but there's a spark of intelligence in those steely gray eyes.

But I call him Radio Man because he's always wearing a radio around his neck. Not a Walkman, mind you, and not even a handheld radio, but a portable desktop radio. Neither a Walkman nor a handheld would be loud enough, you see, and Radio Man likes his news loud and clear.

Invariably, the frequency would be set to an AM news station. In these days of juicy political infighting, that's just what the morning denizens of the Dumaguete boulevard need as they take a break from their constitutionals.

No wonder Radio Man has quite a following.

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