Monday, July 04, 2005


I posted two entries this morning, and I verified that they were indeed publishd, but for some reason they're not appearing anymore this afternoon. I wonder what the reason could be? Oh, well, no biggie: luckily I have a backup on my other hard disk.

I'm waiting for an announcement from the Blogger people.

Fret. Fume.


  1. That's weird indeed. I have both entries on my RSS reader as well. Anyway, I was going to point out how I like the way you point some of those Dumaguete quirks that I've forgotten. Those grumpy old men by the seaside and tons and tons of carinderias. And how about the bakeries that we seemingly have in every street corner in Dumaguete? :)

  2. If it's still in your reader, can you email it to me so I don't have to reconstruct them? The pictures, at least, are in

    I know what you mean: but I'm not sure if they have those Sunday afternoon religious debates that degenerate into fistfights anymore.

    Regards to Meme and the kids!