Thursday, July 21, 2005

Harry Potter, in the style of...

By now it should come as no surprise that a major character in Harry Potter series kicks the bucket in book 6. Fairly obvious, really, but I won't be guilty of posting any spoilers.

For those who've read the book, or for those who really don't care much (I fall in the latter category), you can read variations on this theme at The Guardian web site. Harry Potter written in the style of various authors.

Here's one done in the style of my favorite author, GK Chesterton:
"But I knew before that, of course," he went on. "I had a long talk with this man you call Voldemort last night, when I found him up to some devilry in my churchyard. He's a wretched soul, of course - this magic of yours does so twist things out of their true form and purpose - but I fancy I found some good in him."

He got up, cast about helplessly for his umbrella, found it under the table and went to the door. There he turned, and the twinkling lights of the room were reflected in his little round spectacles like the stars of heaven.

"Your wizarding world could really do with some priests," he said, smiling. "It really could, you know."

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