Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday Run

It's been a long time since I've taken my bike out for a morning spin. Oh, to be sure, I'm still getting my daily road quota since I usually ride it to work nowadays, but I've been getting up a little late in the mornings -- 6:45am instead of 5:45am -- so I've been depriving myself of the early Dumaguete calm.

So this morning I took a stab at returning to the old routine. And a pleasant morning it was, too. The rains last night left a cool blanket over the city. Though there was the threat of a slight shower, it didn't follow through. Perfect for a morning bike run.

I took my alternate route to the city center, through Claytown and down San Jose Extension. The concreting project along a stretch of San Jose Extension had just finished, and so I had a nice wide road devoid of any traffic to glide through.

A quick pass at the Boulevard where I made sure Radio Man and Patchwork Man were at their usual places, after which I went for a quick break of puto maya and sikwate at the tiangge.

Just perfect.

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