Thursday, July 21, 2005

Cook or Die, Philippine Edition

While My Girlfriend(tm) is resuming her Cook or Die project in Canada, I think I'll draw the curtain on my own experiments here.

Living alone, sans family members or househelp, is a challenge in many ways, and that extends to the daily nutritional needs. Back in Manila I would default to the fast food joints of Robinson's Galleria or Megamall. Here in Dumaguete, it might have been the same.

Except, with more limited choices, things understandably got old pretty quickly. After all, I don't want a replay of Supersize Me the Jollibee Edition with me in the starring role.

That left me only one option: cook or die. But what's a bachelor to do?

To solve my problem, I started to troll the meats section of Lee Plaza. Now, the selections at Lee aren't all that great either, but they're passable enough. Chicken cuts, sides of beef, tocino, and pre-marinated barbecue and porkchops. It's a comfortable middle ground between the fast food restaurants and the wet market.

This week it was the pre-marinated kabobed pork barbecue. At P150 per kilo, it seemed slightly expensive. I bought four sticks which came to a half kilo. It turned out each stick was quite hefty. Back home, I popped them into my George Foreman personal griller and voila! Fifteen minutes later I came out with perfectly cooked barbecue. Mmmmm!

So I've had barbecue two straight nights now. In hindsight, one stick should've been enough for dinner, but my eyes were bigger than my stomach, so I took two each.

Tomorrow, tenderloin!

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