Monday, July 11, 2005

Coming back / Never going back

Wow, the nice thing about AIM ACCEED Conference Center is free broadband access from the rooms. So yes, it may not be as nice as New World Renaissance, but I'd gladly take this hotel any day. It's good to be back here.

My class went well today owing to my greater confidence with the material. I hope my streak continues tomorrow up until Friday. I have more students this time around, and several people sitting in my lectures. This type of short-term engagement I would gladly do any day. So in this regard, it's also good to be back at IBM to see my old friends.

The class broke for lunch at 12 noon, and it just so happened that the IBMers were having a sales rally in the pantry. I sauntered over and listened in. No one stopped me, and I got several hello-how-do-you-do's. I couldn't help but snigger at the huge targets being bandied around. The business unit managers put on such brave and optimistic miens, yet somehow there's an undercurrent of apprehension when they talk about what they have to do.

Many of them are my friends, of course, and I hope they all do well. I clapped when they clap. It was good to recapture some of the feeling.

But...I am never going back.

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