Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Breakfast at JP's

For the longest time, my friends Injong and Veneeth have been raving about JP's Eatery, one of the less well-known restaurants in Dumaguete City. Being of the sort who prefers company when trying out new places, I held off the experience until this morning when the fans were also having breakfast there.

JP's, as you will gather from the photo, won't win any points for swanky facilities. The ceiling is low; the tables, though sturdy, are made of unfinished wood; tabletops are covered in laminated plastic; and they cook and serve the food from the pots along the entrance. But hey, it's a classic carinderia, and it has a charm all its own.

This morning's fare for me was sinugbang baboy and tinolang isda soup. I arrived slightly late and Injong, Veneeth, and Jufer were already midway through their meal. Not to worry, though, as JP's serves food fairly fast.

The sinugbang baboy and tinolang isda were excellent! Further accentuating the taste was the fragrant fresh-from-the-pot rice.

I am told that JP's Eatery has quite a following in Dumaguete City, attracting a wide spectrum of clientele. Mayors have been known to take the occasional meal in the joint. JP's, though, is only open for breakfast and lunch, with the latter seeing the highest volume of people.

Total bill for the four of us was P159. Shows you how far you can stretch money in Dumaguete.

JP's Eatery is along Libertad St., one of the small streets fronting the public market.

No reservations necessary.


  1. JP's!! favorite namo ni sa akong cousins.sinugba--the best!!!

  2. Hi, G: yes, I'll be visiting JP's more frequently from now on.