Friday, June 10, 2005

Wiki/Blogging Workshop

Wiki/blogging workshop at Foundation University today.

I'm happy to announce that, despite a worsening cough, I've managed to assist in the birthing of a few more blogs today: Dessa's Tapestry, Dumaguete Artists, Chona's Gang, and Kengkoy123, among them. You won't find much on these blogs yet because they just started today, but give them a few weeks and who knows?

Reception of the blogging tools was quite warm. After I took them through the first few steps of Blogger, I knew I had lost the audience already. I managed to draw their attention back just enough to introduce them to additional tools like Other than that, they were off and running.

I had planned on introducing them to Wikis later in the workshop, but they were far too engrossed in what they were doing and my throat was giving up. The Internet connection wasn't cooperating, either.

In any case, I think Wikis are still in fairly early stages to be fully appreciated. As Sacha suggested, I should wait for them to build up enough content through their blogs before introducing the topical structure of Wikis. And any introduction to Wikis should make use of a partially completed superstructure.

Ah, well, lessons for next time.

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