Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Veling's Painitan

I asked my friends who sold the best budbod (suman) in Dumaguete. They pointed me out to Veling's Painitan (roughly translated, Veling's Breakfast / Snack Place.)

Veling's sits in an unassuming stall in the Dumaguete Public Market, with nothing to physically distinguish it from all the other food joints in the area. If this were Singapore or Malaysia, this would be known as a hawker place.

Now, I'm not really much of a budbod connoisseur, and my interest in suman only sparked because of the webring. But I can just as easily say that Veling's is the best budbod I've ever tasted.

Veling's daughter runs the place now, and it has a loyal group of customers who flock there every morning. All the budbod is prepared the night before, but they do pack in another rice delicacy known as puto maya on the shop itself.

I usually get two kinds of budbod from Veling's. One is the budbod tsokolate, with the chocolate stripe. The other is budbod kabog, which is made of millet, a kind of birdseed.

Kabog is by far my favorite because of its ultra-creamy texture. Like no other suman I've ever tasted.

Suman Latiks


  1. Ack! Thus you shall have to bring budbod when you go here...

  2. ack.a box of budbod from dumaguete kicked my south beach diet out of the window.i'm starting again.thanks for writing about dumaguete.i love my home!:)

  3. Ha, ha, thanks for visiting, you two. Yes, yes, budbod is in order for when I next visit Manila.

    Get ready to kiss your diets goodbye.

    Mwa ha ha!

  4. Great stuff as always doms. Miss the budbud kabog! You know you can buy them at the Dumaguete airport for pasalubong and stuff?

  5. He, he, thanks, Chaz. I'll try to feature how they're made in a future installment.