Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The suman meme

It's a scary thing, these memes. How does an idea find resonance with a person, let alone a group of people? Take for example this meme that's been going around with my group of friends: the suman conspiracy. What started out as a random example from a talk on blogging turned into a joke and into...a weekly obsession?

This recurring theme has become a writing prompt of sorts, and I think it's produced some pretty excellent work (my top pick being Sean for his creativity, profundity and regularity).

But guess what? It's taken a life of its own. It's exciting. It's scary.

In its current common usage, a meme is a "language as a virus," hopping from one mind to another. Certainly the suman conspiracy qualifies.

The question is why? There are several possible reasons, but the only one that I can put forward is:

Because it sticks.

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