Monday, June 13, 2005

More childhood memories

More childhood memories, care of Angie. Now that she's set off the triggers in my head, some of it is starting to come back.

We're in first grade. We have a school dance to be held on the school grounds. Filipiniana - girls get to have umbrellas and wear bakya (I loved them! Huwag mong apihin!). You get to be my partner! That happened because our heights matched. Since I'm tall, there were not enough guys taller than I am. And also since we're taller than everybody, except maybe 2 or 3 other couples, we get to dance at the end and corner of the whole choreography.

Here's the fun part... We gave the teachers a dilemma...Now, DO YOU REMEMBER this one? ;)

I danced so well that the teachers want to put me in the CENTER of the line. BUT ..... YOU danced so bad they COULDN'T put YOU in the center!!!!

So they tried matching me with the rest of the taller guys who could - y'know - ahem - dance better - but then our heights just don't match. So they put us back together as partners and that they have to settle with you to be at the center!!! Oooh, I can still see you in my head - trying sooo hard!!!

I might deny it, but I can't. I have always been such a bad dancer. Every time we had a public performance, I would end up in a panic.

Oh, the horror....

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  1. <grin> Well, there's always the slow dance... ;)