Saturday, June 18, 2005

Monster Cat

I haven't drawn anything in a while, so I thought I might give it a shot. Here's the result. I wanted to something to scare my nephew Neo with the next time he visits the store. Mwa ha ha ha!

This was drawn in ball point pen, traced with black marker, and scanned and colored in Gimp.

Heh, I need more practice.

Other than this wonderful piece of work, I've done nothing the whole day. I've realized that my cough and cold is not going to go away unless I sleep it off and drown it, so I stayed home the whole day.

It's not nice being sick.

Okay, back to sleep. And dreams of more monsters.


  1. That's actually a cool cat. I can imagine it in a storybook for kids or a metro chic type book for yuppies. :)

  2. He-eey! Thanks, Jonas! Coming from you, that's a real compliment. I'll try to develop this style some more.