Tuesday, June 07, 2005

'Jueteng'-gate and the tale of the tape

Out here in the boondocks of Dumaguete, we're about as apolitical as we can get. Life has its own pace, so why should we get too worked up with all the shenanigans of Metro Manila?

All the same, I'm wondering about the pace of things in the new round of jueteng exposes. I'm wondering why it's not nearly as big a thing as it ought to be.

Erap, if you recall, was brought down because of alleged involvement in jueteng. So where's the moral outrage that blazed so strongly three years ago?

Have we gotten so jaded? Are we so complacent with this administration? Are we being fooled again?

It's quite funny how this thing developed. When the allegations first cropped up, you had the administration daring the witnesses to step forward.

Now that the witnesses have testified, it's become a destabilization plot?

And now there's this supposed tape of Arroyo's conversation with a Comelec officer. Is it real? Is it a fake? What's annoying and damning is that they're trying to catch it on a technicality.

Sigh. My poor country: when will you -- we! -- be free from all this foolishness?


  1. I echo your sentiments. I watch the news at night and I'm wondering whether I should be amused by Bunye's appearances (is he a scapegoat?) or be enraged by how people are trying to not so subtlely manipulate the whole thing based on a mere technicality. Although I am Cebuano, I don't feel any particular affination to Gloria but I do feel that any more stuffs like this is only going to negatively impact the government. This is really not helping.

  2. I'm just quite infuriated with our politicians. On both sides. I just don't know whom to trust. But I really feel that, despite reversals of the small improvements our economy has gained, we have to get to the bottom of things.

    If GMA is proven to have cheated, she has no mandate and must step down. No amount of economic gains (and even that is in question) or calls for stability should justify an illegitimate presidency.

    Sorry for the rant. Just needed to get that off my chest.