Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hello, Ubuntu

I'm posting this note using my spanking new Ubuntu 5.04 machine. I started my installation about an hour ago, and wrapped it all up with the Speedtouch 330 driver. Whoopee! I'm online now.

I was having some doubts as to whether it was my old hardware or my SuSE installation or the Speedtouch modem that was flaky. Luckily, I had another computer lying around from my aborted cybercafe project, so I decided to give Ubuntu a spin.

My copy of Ubuntu was courtesy of Miguel Arguelles, who just happened to be carrying two sets at the time that I met him last week.

With the speed of the install and the minimal Gnome interface, I'd say Ubuntu got a lot of things right. I'll be working with Ubuntu in the meantime to try to get a better feel of it.

Look! I'm using Debian now.