Saturday, June 25, 2005

Country roads, take me home....

After being laid low with a bad cough for over a week, I felt well enough to take my bike out for a longer ride. Ah! What a great feeling to be back in the saddle!

One of the sights that greeted me this morning

This morning's trip took me to Camanjac where there was supposed to be a road leading to Sibulan. I took the Claytown route, riding up to Pulantubig, and onwards to Camanjac. I wasn't quite sure where to turn and when I finally asked some people, they told me I had already overshot it by a kilometer.

Said road was actually near the Camanjac Elementary School which by itself can be very hard to miss. However, there were no signs pointing in the direction of Sibulan, so perhaps I can be forgiven for my mistake. Lesson: when travelling in unknown territory, ask for directions.

The road to Sibulan alternated between asphalt and dirt road. Fortunately, it didn't rain for the past couple of days so the rough paths were dry and not at all muddy. The dirt roads, however, made for a somewhat shaky ride.

Coconut groves dominated the scenery. There were a few large houses along the way, as apparently Camanjac is transitioning to suburbia, but I dread to think of travelling these roads at night. I have this primal fear of sprawling unlit coconut plantations. Go figure.

Coming at a fork in the road, I saw that I could either go straight ahead or turn right. A check on my watch told me that it was getting close to 7AM, so I went right where I knew I would somehow end up on the Dumaguete National Highway.

It was a few kilometers more till I hit my target. Along the way, I saw a wooded clearing that would be perfect for a picnic. I also ran across the compound of the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association -- a cult that is anything but -- and that sent shivers up my spine. Further down was the Joyville subdivision, and finally, the Highway.

At the highway, I saw that I exited right at the Dumaguete-Sibulan city limits. So I did reach Sibulan, after all, though not as far as I had hoped. Ah, well, time to head back.

I travelled south down the Highway for a while then turned into East Rovira drive. I noticed that someone had opened a tuna grill/dimsum joint along East Rovira, so that should probably be worth a visit soon.

From East Rovira onwards, I was back in familiar territory. I went to the city, bought rice, and came home for breakfast.

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  1. i've been reading your blog since i accidentally hopped into it from golda's blog.

    ha, i've been getting myself acquainted with a recently acquired mountain bike so that someday i too can enjoy bike rides to the countryside (which i most often do by taking public transportation).

    anyway, i intend to add yours into my blog links for my easy reference, with your permission, that is.