Sunday, June 12, 2005

Childhood Memories

Earlier this year I used Friendster to look up an old grade school classmate with whom I had lost touch. Friendster is good for doing this, apparently. And so I did, with some surprisingly positive results!

My old friend, Angie, now works in the US. It was her birthday the other day and I sent her an email. She answered back and told me of a childhood recollection.

Do you remember when we climbed those scaffoldings in Stella Maris Church to see that big steeple bell? You told me in class before recess that there's this big bell.... I wouldn't believe you so you sought out to prove it to me. You challenged me that by recess time we could make a run for it, cross the school fence climb up, then come back in time for the class bell. We just barely made it back to class.... I couldn't forget this incident coz it was my first time to see a huge bell like that - bigger than life! Of course for a 6 yr old!

If you remember it wasn't hung was just there on the scaffolding that's why we could touch it and measure it with our heights! I could still clearly see you in my memory... :)

Like, wow! It's somewhere in my memory, but I just can't point a finger at it. But it's good to get this reminder.

Thanks, Angie.

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