Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Canon LIDE20 on Ubuntu

Yes, I know I just did another bad pun for my suman latik entry. And I just dissed a ranking official of the land. And I'm planning to do more of both.

All the same, I'm feeling angelic right now. Feel my halo?

Although I've had Ubuntu installed on my second PC for some time now, I've really still been working with SuSE. However, due to hardware problems on my first PC, where I have to boot twice to get the mouse working smoothly, I've decided to just run things on my alternate for the meantime.

One reason I was delaying the switch was because I wasn't so sure my Canon LIDE20 scanner would work right off the bat with Ubuntu. And I had it running just so on SuSE.

But obviously my fears were unfounded. The scanner works perfectly under Ubuntu. Installation was much faster than with SuSE. And the xsane settings are just perfect! I scanned my angel sketch and got it right without having to fiddle around with the contrast-brightness controls.

So that's the real reason I'm feeling angelic. Because Someone's watching over me.

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