Thursday, June 02, 2005

Biking to Candau-ay

I thought I stayed in bed later than I should have. When I finally opened my eyes and checked my watch, it was still only 6:00AM. Ah, well, nothing to do except get out of bed, right?

My nose was stuffy and I briefly considered taking it easy. But the call of my bicycle was just too strong to resist. I grabbed my helmet, guided my bike out of the garage, and headed off to discover a new route around the city.

This time around, I headed in the general direction of the public market and turned off into the Locsin St., leading to Foundation University. I headed further inland and found my way to the Dumaguete Palinpinon Road.

It was a low-grade climb, not too hard on the legs, and easily manageable with steady shift increments of my gears. Pretty soon, the tightly packed buildings gave way to coconut groves and widely-spaced houses.

What a treat to find some honest-to-goodness nipa houses! Along Batinguel and Candau-ay, people still actually used the native material. The houses were not shoddy at all, as I expected, but rather quite elegant and stately.

There were several routes that opened up to me on this trip, ones which I could not explore today for lack of time. One road led up to a Japanese-Filipino Amity Shrine, supposedly some 5 km. uphill. Another path would take me to the hill city of Valencia.

I checked my watch, though, and I learned I had already been away for about an hour. Reluctantly, I turned back to the city.

I dropped by the public market to buy some highly-recommended budbod (suman). But that's a story for next week.

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