Monday, May 16, 2005

Suman Latik

Suman sa latik, gi-unsa tika pag higugma?
Kada buntag, ikaw ang akong ginatinguha
Ang akong ilong, kahumot nimo ang paglaum
Ang akong dila, gahulat sa imong pagkaun

O Suman Latik, O Suman Latik
Ang akong tinuod nga higugma
Sa tinuod: wa'y atik!

For Dean Alfar, as inspired by Clair; photo by Sassy Lawyer


  1. Oh yes...
    But of course! The suman post!!!

  2. LOL! Will it never end? :D

  3. Dean: Hehehehe! You will never know. But it is interesting to note that there are several variations on this post already, right? ;)

    Sean's description is different. Dom used a Dumaguete approach to it. I related my eating suman sa mangga. :P

    Dom: Isn't this fun?! :D

  4. Oh, yes, it's quite fun. You know, we could start a Suman-Latik webring, after Jonas' comics webring. Shudder!

  5. AH, suman! All hail the Holy Order of the Suman.

  6. Hmmm. I think that's not a bad idea at all...

    *giggles like crazy*

    Jute: The Holy Order of the Suman sa Latik?
    Wow! Amazing. You can probably write an epic already... ;)

  7. ey! i included this poem in my list of bisaya entries.nangita pa ko ug uban na binisaya entries.just click on BISAYA NI BAI! on my links list if you want to check out other entries in bisaya.:)