Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Return of the Thinkpad

Ah, my precious-sss!

After months and months of comparison-shopping, I finally decided to make the purchase. For a moment, I was afraid I would have to get an icky Compaq Presario 2202 because, not only did it run Linux, it was also priced at just under P40,000.

Luckily, one of my students worked for a distributor and mentioned in passing that the Thinkpad R50e Model 1834-MA4 was going for about P40,000, too! No Windows pre-installed, just DOS. Sight unseen, I asked to buy one.

No sleep for the wicked tonight, as I will be loading it up with an operating system.

Ah, precious-sss!


  1. w007! ThinkPad! Kewlness. :D
    If only I could find it easy to mess around with the R30's acpi stuff. I can't make it sleep! =(

    Have you had a lot of experience with making ThinkPads sleep? (on GNU/Linux of course.)

  2. dom, hi, we don't know each other but i really need your assistance. it is about your new thinkpad. i desperately need to purchase a new one, since my old thinkpad "gave up on me already". i need it so badly, because i use it for work. imagine, for more than 3 months now, nakikigamit lang ako computer ng co-reporters ko sa palasyo. would like to inquire sana kung pano ako makikipag usap dun sa contact mo. esp kasi dahil okay ang price na nakuha mo, di naman ganun kalaki sweldo ng reporter from the number 3 station hehehehe. email me if okay lang btw, did i say i am desperate? sige na public service na rin ito.

  3. Clair, Thinkpads are the easiest to configure with regards to acpi as long as its running 2.6 kernel. In Ubuntu (shameless plug), we probably have the best suspend support at the moment (less than 5 seconds to boot up).

    I checked out this particular Thinkpad model (R50e), its an entry level system, but heck, it's a Thinkpad! My co-worker was lucky enough to need a laptop and we bought him this particular model. It's running slacware now, but I also tested it with Ubuntu Hoary and now I want one as well.

  4. Hi, Clair and Jerome,

    I'm using SuSE 9.2 and ACPI is working for the most part. I have no problems suspending to disk, but I seem to have problems suspending to RAM. Other than that, it's fine.