Monday, May 16, 2005

Rational Technology: iBlog, The First Philippine Blogging Summit

You know that a movement has come of age when the first major conference is announced. Such is the case for blogging in the Philippines with iBlog: The 1st Philippine Blogging Summit, held at UP Diliman last May 7, 2005.

The blog summit drew over 200 participants from the local blogging community: writers, artists, students, teachers, librarians, IT professionals, and various other walks of life. It was partly an eyeball party as many of the bloggers had never before met in person: many, in fact, were only identified by their blog names and URLs.

But it was also a showcase of the best bloggers in the country. The conference featured several local luminaries. Among them:

ICT Commissioner Dondi Mapa (, the highest ranking Philippine official who blogs (and no stranger to the people of Dumaguete) who talked about blogging in both his personal and professional life. The commissioner revealed his plans to use blogging as a tool for promoting the country initiatives for ICT.

Five-time Palanca winner Dean Alfar ( who gave a very spirited talk on blogging as a literary effort. He imparted several various tips not only on how to blog but how to write as well.

Sassy Lawyer Connie Veneracion (, arguably the most read blogger in the country, gave tips on how to draw traffic to one's blog site. Veneracion runs both a cooking blog as well as a political commentary blog.

Though the summit drew mostly Manila-based participants, it's extremely likely that the next ones will visit the provinces. Perhaps Dumaguete can be in the itinerary soon.

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  1. I agree! Can you give some url links of blogs from Dumaguete folks?

  2. Hi, Janette, sorry for this late reply. I'm afraid many Dumaguetenos are shy. I'll get to work on it as soon as I get back to Dumaguete.

    In the meantime, you can try you can try the following: