Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I got up early this morning to explore more of the road I discovered yesterday. This was the road going to Pulan-Tubig, which is fast becoming the new residential center of Dumaguete. Lots of trees in the area still, and plenty of cows and goats grazing in its open fields.

The trail was somewhat insidious. It was a low grade going up, so you never really notice that it's actually an uphill climb. Except maybe for the difficulty in pushing the pedals.

Of course, between this kind of road and Valencia's, I think I'd prefer this. The trail is actually perfect for biking: good road, but not too many cars, trucks, tricycles, or pedestrians. You just have to watch out for the occasional cow.

Apparently, there's a road going to Sibulan further along the interior. I will have to try this one day after I get my stamina back up. It seems a safer route than taking the highway.

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