Saturday, May 28, 2005

A Lazy Dumaguete Saturday

I took my bike out for a spin today. I didn't go very far as I have been away from the saddle for more than a month. I'll have to build up my stamina again.

The city had a Santacruzan parade, and mobs of people showed up to ogle at the male starlets that had been flown in as escorts. My friends were quite annoyed at this practice, though, because the religious significance had largely been overshadowed by the secular display. Perhaps I shall write about it in my column next week.

A funny incident: the queens and their escorts were rather short, and it was hard to see past the heads of the crowds around them. Some folks took to sitting on a makeshift fence along the road to ogle at the parade. Kibitzer that I was, I balanced my way up a slanted supporting beam. Two seconds later, the fence started to sway and tilt. The fence-sitters jumped off in fear while I, the culprit, bashfully walked the other way.

My friend Paddy and I played a couple of rounds of Vs. Paddy used a slightly modified Sinister Syndicate deck, while I used the Arkham Inmates. He beat me by a narrow margin on the first game, owing to my flawed strategy. On the second game, I beat him soundly, -22 to 33. Now I feel really bad gloating about it the whole time. There are such people as poor losers, but I am afraid that I am a poor winner. Oh, well.

I visited our old parish priest, Fr. Chi, in the hospital. Fr. Chi had undergone dialysis. Sadly I had not visited him much in recent weeks, but now I think I will have to make my trips more frequent. I caught him in high spirits, and we spoke about my trip to Manila, the ship accommodations, and cats. It was good to see him smiling.

I think it is time to finally put his story into writing. I had been planning to do that since two years ago, but I kept delaying. I must do it soon before time catches up.

Tempus fugit.

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