Sunday, May 29, 2005

I cook, therefore I am

It's a fine Sunday afternoon here in Dumaguete. The sun is up in full force, so it's a bit warm, but there's a light refreshing breeze that's blowing so the heat is tolerable. It would be nice to just laze around, but I have to be off to the store soon to bring lunch for my Dad.

I did some cooking a little while ago. I bought some ground beef the other day, marinated it in Worcestershire and Italian seasoning. I grilled it in my George Foreman Lean Mean Fat-Grilling Machine (tm), now only on its second use.

Unfortunately, I think I may not have rolled it in enough corn starch so the meat is a bit loose. Ah, well, there'll be time enough for a second try.

The amount of fat that dripped off the grill was simply unbelievable. I think I shall have to be careful about the burgers I eat the next time around. That's a bit of a shame because, well, burgers are my comfort food. I may have to learn to make my own.


  1. Any pictures of the cooking masterpiece? :)

  2. Er, no. Thank goodness. I was never much for presentation, anyway, so it just came out as a bit of a mess. It came out okay, although the Worcestershire sauce was a little overwhelming.

  3. Ah yes. Dom and the burger ;)