Monday, May 09, 2005


I can't say enough how ironic it is that Sacha would be in Cebu while I am in Manila. I thought the thought had sunk in, yet I seem to manage plumb new depths on this small but subtle cosmic joke. The truth is, I don't know whether to laugh or to cry.

The class went fairly well, in my opinion. Oh, I made some gaffes, but if I judge by how well I held the students' attention, well, I think I was quite successful. Overall, it's been a good technology review for me, and it's probably the spur I needed to get started on some of the other projects that I've put on hold.

It was great to meet some old friends from IBM. As it turned out, the technical support team from Malaysia whom I interacted with so often in the past was also in town. Hi-hello-how-are-things flew fast and furious. And I'm getting the hang of telling people that I'm a bum. Yay!

I visited Ranulf's office / apartment and exchanged comics with Jac. I then had dinner with Ranulf, and was soon joined by Rael. We had a lot of laughs about my fanboy impressions whenever cosplayers were mentioned. Ranulf says he might get me as a bouncer for the event, but -- he, he -- I think I'll be too far engrossed watching Someone to be of any good to anyone else.

I met one of the contestants for UGG. Interesting fellow named Chris, and his job is industrial automation. That is way too cool.

So, yes, I'm a bit tired from a whole day of teaching and talking, but it's really been quite fun.

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