Monday, May 16, 2005

First Foray with my Thinkpad

I'm sitting in an airport waiting for my flight to Cebu. As in the days of old, I've whipped out my Thinkpad to while away the time. It's a strange feeling, after having gone without one for four months; but it's a familiar one, too.

The Thinkpad is almost everything that I wanted it to be: it's cheap, it has IBM stamped in front, it has a little red trackpoint, and it runs Linux smoothly. Even the wireless card registers under Linux, though I still have to enable and configure it properly. The only drawback is that it's heavier than the one I was using in the past. But between weight and cost, I would put more consideration on the latter.

And this Thinkpad is mine, truly mine. There's no IT group to tell me what to do with it or what to load in it. There's no sales tools that need to go inside. I can run anything I darned well please.

But I also have to take very good care of it, with more conscientiousness than I did with the one assigned to me. With any luck, I'll have it in good condition for five years or more.

Oh, Thinkpad, little Thinkpad, we are going to have so many adventures together!


  1. I should get a Thinkpad soon. Most of the people I met in the UDU conference in Sydney were using the X40 model because everything (except the modem) works out of the box, not to mention that these guys travel a lot (most of them are Debian and Gnome bigwigs).

  2. Yes, go X40 if you can afford it. Less strain on the shoulders. Didn't have issues with the X30, either.


    hi! is this the model that you bought? how's it going? i'm thinking of buying it...